Oreo and their entertaining real time advertising campaigns!

Over the past few years, Oreo have developed a very strong digital presence across a large range of media sites.They have firmly grasped the concept of agile marketing, while developing a strategy to use it to the best of their advantage! Agile marketing responds to real time events and prefers to react to change over following a set plan. Agile marketing plans to improve the speed, predictability and adaptability to change of the marketing function. It welcomes change and believes that adapting quickly to change gives a competitive advantage. This requires a lot of work to stay up to date with events and constantly ensure that the marketing team stay in line with brand values. Oreo are one company who have continually achieved positive results by using this method through use of all major forms of social media from facebook and twitter to instagram, Pinterest and Vine. 

 Lets take a look at how Oreo have used each social media site to effectively promote their product:

Twitter: Probably the most memorable example of agile marketing in the last few years came during the 2012 Superbowl  when a 34 minute blackout forced the match to stop for 34 minutes! The creative team spotted an opportunity and they jumped on it. Within minutes they had posted a simple ‘tweet’ stating “You can still dunk in the dark”. This quick response to a real time event lead to 15000 ‘retweets’ within 14 hours and 20000 facebook likes, eventually reaching over 35000 retweets. This success lead to many more campaigns based on real time events from the Oreo team! How did they achieve this? They had a 15 person social media team at the ready to respond to whatever happened  online! Now keep in mind that this was in an environment where many companies are paying up to $4million for a small section ad to run during the interval, the big winner here was Oreo!


Oreo also capitalized on the release of the Playstation 4! Quickly putting up this simple tweet which soon got a response from Microsoft!

Oreo-Mock-Controller twitter_02

Facebook: Oreo’s superbowl advert was also a huge success on Facebook, however lets take a look at another example from when the Dublin Marathon was hitting the streets last year!


Instagram and pinterest: Oreo really know how to utilize Instagram and pinterests image sharing platforms, by making their channel attractive to fans! From recipes to projects for rainy days to pictures of the company not taking the product too seriously! As a company who know how to have fun  they really thrive in this environment!

Vine: https://vine.co/v/hVnhqueDPK1


Oreo post many quick and simple recipes and tricks on their vine page and have attracted a large fan base!

Oreo have conquered all levels of social media through their creative marketing team and reaction to real time events and continue to do so!


How Conor Mc.Gregor compares in terms of performance and fitness to other athletes!

In Ireland, There has always been a huge amount of national pride brought about by the performance of our boxing teams at the Olympic Games and on the world stage! Being such a small country, there is little other disciplines that we can continually pick up medals in year in year out, however boxing has always provided up to five medals at each Olympics for our small country to celebrate and be proud of! Katie Taylor in 2012 picking up Olympic gold and being on of the first women ever to do so will forever be in ever Irish persons memory as the whole country tuned in to view the event! Along with Katie, other boxers such as Paddy Barnes and John Joe Nevan also picked up medals!
However in the past year a new star has arisen for the country to get behind, this being MMA fighter Conor Mc. Gregor. Not only has he taken the sport by storm, he has also completely revolutionised the competition with his confidence, determination and outspoken manner! He truly has brought new levels of broadcasting and acclaim to an upcoming and controversial sport! Conor has established a new level of confidence and belief among the 4.5 million people of Ireland as he continues to rile his way up the leaderboards. As he so wisely puts ‘we are not here to take part, we’re here to take over!’, his passion for the sport and for his country makes makes all he is involved in extremely compelling!
Recently Conor was put through his paces by sports science expert, Professor Greg Whyte, working with Sky Sports to examine from a scientific view just how he compares to other athletes from different disciplines. Being on 5″8 in height and weighing 145lbs, Conor’s strength was found to go far beyond his frame in terms of a power to size ratio! Greg Whyte described Conor as ” a jack of all trades and a master of one which is fighting”. He found Conor to be “the complete package” as his training made him work on all areas of the body and to ensure each area is tuned to optimum performance! Unlike other athletes, he must ensure that every area is equally built as any sign of weakness may be caught and utilised by the opponent! Conor focuses on movement and constantly strides to perfect every possible movement of the human body in order to gain any extra advantage possible. And so his training in corporates all areas where other athletes will mainly focus on cardiovascular exercises or strength training.
Conor’s VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen which can be utilised by his body during a bout of exercise, reflecting his endurance capacity) could only be compared to that of a Premier league soccer players! However while soccer players compete for 90 minutes and can cover 10-12km in the stop start physical environment while performing complex mechanical movements to adapt to the game. Conor can utilise the same amount of energy within a 25 minute match which is the usual duration for his profession!


While having this incredible aerobic capability allows him to endure long fights, he also has acquire an incredible anaerobic capacity through training! This capacity being compared to that of an Olympic cyclist allows him to perform high intensity activities with power for a longer time than many other athletes.

This is why he can be seen as a jack of all trades, he has the performance capability of many sports to allow him to finely tune himself for his sport. One thing which sport science cannot measure however is an athlete psychological mind state and this is where Mc Gregor believes he has the main advantage,on many occasions he has stated that the fight was own before he had even entered the ring simply because he could see the fear of the opponent. Although this May or may not be true, this shows a competitive edge as confidence and self belief is sky high. He remains true to his personal ethos ‘”Stay Ready So You Don’t Have To Get Ready”. Next up is his bout in the MGM arena, Las Vegas vs Dustin Poirier on the 27th of September! No doubt, whether they love him or hate him half of the country will be on the edge of their seats for that showcase!

Argentine left back ‘demands’ to be transfer listed due to speculation over £15m link with Manchester United!

In one of the more unexpected bits of transfer news over the past few days, it now appears 24 year old Marcos Rojo could be on his way out of Lisbon. Manchester United have made a reported bid of £15m for the young argentine centre back, who allegedly has handed in a transfer request in a bid to join the premier league club!
Rojo had an impressive campaign for Argentina at the World Cup, having played in every match of the tournament for Argentina and scoring against Nigeria in the final game of group F. He was a rock at the back for Argentina throughout the tournament, highlighted by his 9.51 rating in the castrol Index for the World Cup. Making him ninth highest rated player in the whole tournament and fourth highest rated defender! Rojo has so far made 49 appearances for sporting Lisbon scoring 5 goals.
It now appears that he will be on his way out of the Portuguese club and on his way to Manchester after reports suggest that he has told the club of his desire to move to the English outfit! Man United have recently been linked with players such as Hummels, blind and Vlaar to plug the gap at the back, I believe Rojo’s strength, age and fitness would be ideally suited to the club.

The energy systems which are utilized by the body during exercise – teach yourself the basics of sport science!

Here I will discuss the three main systems of energy release which are used by the body. In order to do this I will use a graph which I will then explain for their use in each sport.


 three main energy systems used by the body are-

1. ATP-PCr system (phosphagen system) – This system is non oxidative in nature and only lasts for around 7-14 seconds depending on how trained the individual is. As you can see on the graph, the light blue curve peaks at just before 10seconds. This is where it is at its maximum capacity and performance of this system will be best. After the peak % of energy production, the system begins to drop off and performance quickly decreases! 1 mole of ATP is produced per 1 mole of phosphocreatine (PCr). ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) is the main source of energy to the body, in this system, there is a small amount stored next to fibrils, this is stored as CP (creatine phosphate). 

 To develop this energy system, sessions involving repeats of up to 10-15 seconds of maximum intensity activity/work are required, with approximately two minutes rest between repeats to allow the system to replenish. 

 The athletes which use this system are short distance sprinters (-100m), heavy weight lifters (using max power to lift 1-3 reps), shot putter, goalkeepers in soccer and any athletes which use a short burst of energy which needs quick 7-14seconds of sharp energy.

2. Glycolytic system – Anaerobic Glycolysis: breakdown glucose with limited O2-rapid formation but limited to approx 50 seconds. This system is seen by the red curve on the graph! Through this process glucose is used and broken down from its 6carbon compound to 2X pyruvic acid, this process releases energy (ATP). Energy release is used to form ATP (4x) (net gain 2x). The rest of the energy is lost through the body by heat! However this ATP is then used to service this glycolytic system. Glucose can continue to be broken down to provide energy for up to around 50 seconds. This system is inefficient but fast. It builds up an O2 debt- which is the amount of oxygen needed to clear the lactic acid. Prolonged use will lead to cramping and muscle pain due to this build up of lactic acid.

 Training of this system is aimed at increasing the bodies tolerance to lactic acid, removing the lactate and improving the rate at which glycolysis produces ATP. This requires changing the ratio of work to rest and pushing the system, we will get to this later in my blog!

 The athletes which would use this system are short distance runners or swimmers who travel around 200-400 meters, crossfit trainers, gym classes where participants move from machine to machine in sections of 30-45 seconds, soccer players and circuit trainers. This system can be dangerous for marathon and long distance runners as if they put in a stronger burst than their set pace, it could lead to the build up of lactate and a more difficult run!
3. Oxidative system – This system is seen on the graph as the green line! Using O2 creates large amounts of energy ‘unlimited’. This system can provide unlimited supplies of energy though the use of oxygen. This system uses about 30% of glucose to produce the ATP needed, and 70% use of fatty acids, this is the main method for weight loss as these fatty acids are being burned to create energy! This system can utilize fats, carbs and proteins to produce the needed energy however! This system can produce large quantities of energy, however it does so quite slowly so cannot service intense exercise! It uses three advanced systems to produce this energy, however for now we will stick to the basic physiology side of the energy systems and their uses!

 Training this system can be done through interval training with a very low ratio of rest to exercise 1:1 or 1:2, continual training can be done which involved constant movement at a set pace for over 15 minutes (long distance running!). Fartlek training is another way of training this system which is a type of interval training whereby the exerciser varies the speed and effort throughout the training session according to how they feel ensuring that they can continue to exercise at all times (i.e. no rest intervals).

 Athletes who use this system are long distance runners requiring a slow but constant supply of energy! Cyclists, swimmers and joggers also use this system!


As an added point, I would like to add that Carbohydrates and Proteins contain 4 calories per 1g and Fat contains 9 calories per 1g. These calories add to energy supplies however it is something to take into mind for someone trying to lose weight! I feel people would benefit from looking at fat contents more so than calories, saturated fats are the main issue and in my opinion calories are not a good way of measuring intake. Some foods provide valuable calories while others have empty calories, this is something food guidelines wont highlight!


‘Emu’ – The latest messaging app bought by Google and shut down to merge with ‘Google Now’

Google and apple have always led the way in terms of personal assistance apps with services such as ‘siri’ and Googles ‘Now’. However in the past week, Google have went one step further ahead of the competitors this week with the purchase of messaging app ‘Emu’. Founded in California by an ex-google and apple employee, ‘Emu’ claims to distinguish itself from competitors by learning by behaviour and fine tuning suggestions for its members. Monitoring conversations from its context, ‘Emu’ can act to schedule meetings as the conversation develops and will know your plans quicker than you do!

Here is an example of how ‘Emu’ finds and adds information into the conversations, offering up enough information for an informed choice to be made. It allows the recipient to view what movies are available and click on films of interest to gain further knowledge!

Google Now can alert people to an upcoming flight and advise them on the weather or public traffic, but ‘Emu’ works by scanning the conversation to make real time suggestions with context! Googles first move after acquiring this app however is to shut it down on the 25 of August and remove it from the market! It will be no longer of any use to its loyal fanbase and will now be used to improve the system of ‘Google now’. The apps functions will still be visible through this platform, yet I did like the interface and independence of ‘Emu’. The app was quick, responsive and intuitive, I think it is a shame that it will be removed from the store! Technology is moving forward again!

YouTube acquisition of mobile app ‘Directr’, in aim to assist start up companies to produce marketing videos!

 YouTube’s recently made a purchase of a mobile app which will help small businesses to produce effective and simple marketing videos for free! Founded in 2012, ‘Directr’ had raised just 1.27 million euro in funding before the company announced that it would be joining the YouTube advertising team. The purchase price has yet to be released by Google (the parent company of YouTube). The app will continue to operate as it original begun, however it will now be offered as a free service, this is a major help to business start ups worldwide who are looking to promote their brand! The thought behind this from YouTube being that if they reduce production cost of video marketing that many more start ups will use their service.

 ‘Directr’ currently supports two models for video editing and both are available on apple devices. There is a personal model where publishing videos costs around 79cent and a business edition where publishing videos will cost between 25-500 euro depending on video and market size. Video creation remains free though, up until you decide to publish!

 Quick clips can be easily created to demonstrate testimonials or to broadcast recruitment. ‘Directr’ also allows users to utilize ‘storyboards’ which make it easy to put together a quick and to the point video. Personally, I hope that YouTube/Google continue to make strides toward providing video and mobile marketing to their users, before twitter/facebook begin to utilize such avenues as these communicative social media sites will be as lenient on pricing to start ups.

An interesting theory on why Tiger Woods keeps picking up injuries!

Now, I am far from a golf fanatic although I do enjoy keeping up with recent news in the Sport. I did however read an article the other day that I feel would interest any sports fan, one which made me develop my own opinion on the matter!

A few days ago, I was watching an interesting interview from Fox sports where Robert Lusetich outlined his theory as to why Tiger Woods still continues to reguarly pick up injuries. This coming after recent news that Tiger was to withdraw from the WGC Firestone on Sunday. Robert’s theory stems from the book ‘The Big Miss’ which was written by Tigers old swing coach Hank Haney. In ‘The Big Miss’, Hank states that Tiger was continually trying to fight against the stereotype that golfers ‘aren’t real athletes’ due to the game being largely based on technique and skill over physique and fitness.

In order to do away with this stereotype, Tiger from a young age began getting himself into outstanding shape, above the required standards of an ‘athlete’. He worked hard training in areas which were previously unrelated to golf and would be more suited to the training of an american football player! Tiger seemed to take a great deal of pleasure from the hardship that he made himself endure as it made him closer to being the overall ‘athlete’.

An extract from Haneys book states:

“Of course, Tiger still could have worsened his knee with heavy workouts or Navy SEALs activities. But Tiger preferred that people see his injuries related to his sport, so that he could wear them as a badge of honor. To him, injuries were a way of being accepted into the fraternity of superstars who played more physical sports than golf. For example, a couple of times when I knew he’d just gotten off the phone with Derek Jeter, I’d asked what they had talked about. Both times Tiger said the conversation was about injuries they were each dealing with. Once in the clubhouse at Isleworth, Shaquille O’Neal came by the lunch table and exchanged pleasantries with Tiger. When Tiger asked him how he was doing, Shaq said, ‘Trying to get through this thing with my knee,’ and Tiger had nodded knowingly.”

Hearing all this really interested me as a sport fan, it almost seems as though Tiger’s main aim after an injury is to return as quickly as possible as a show of strength (much like Conor Mc Gregor, an upcoming Irish champion). This leads me onto the main thing that I felt after hearing these extracts from Haney’s book. Tiger has been at the top of golf for 20 years now and has developed himself as one of the greatest of all times, even though he is still relatively young for a professional golfer and on paper should have many years left at the top, he has still won more than any other professional golfer! However, I feel that these years of intense and unrelenting training are now coming back on the former world number one as he has not listened to his body and has gone above and beyond the training of a golfer.

Tiger is now at 38 years of age, as stated this is quite young for a golfer to start dropping performance especially for a champion like Tiger. Yet 38 is the age that most professional soccer players have retired by due to injury and age taking its toll on their body after many years of tough  cardiovascular training. I believe that this is what is happening to Tiger, his training has set him onto the career clock of a professional footballer and will not allow him to continue as a golfer without injury as he has over done it and peaked at such a speed. Without this outstanding training, I do not believe Tiger would be the champion he was as it surely gave him the psychological and physical edge to be no.1 yet I do feel this training is holding him back now!

The movement from Google’s product listing ad system to Google Shopping!

Coming as good news to both shoppers and advertisers alike. Just as Google had released one new revolutionary way to promote your products online, it seems they have come up with an even more efficient way to reach your target market and increase your businesses sales. Google’s product listing service allowed companies to display their products on a PPC basis on the front page of a Google search. These ads contain images, as well as pricing details with a link to where the consumer could purchase the product! Product listing ads took up the most prominent position on the page, pushing text ads further down the page and so giving unpaid ad services on Google even less of a chance.

Here is an example of Google product listing in a search for tablets :

google product listing
Google Product Listing- when searching for tablets for example, Google would display products similarly related as well as info, pricing and a link to the site where you could make a purchase! This gave paying companies an advantage as they could have their products displayed front and center after a given search. Reaching the target market became easier!

Google have recently moved away from their product listing ad system however, instead developing a new more efficient system. This system is known as Google Shopping. Google Shopping operates through a new tab, alongside Google search, images and news etc.. Companies wishing to use this system first must set up a ‘merchant center’. This merchant center hosts all products available on your site. There will be a data feed between your original site and your merchant center to ensure everything is up to date! This feed stores all information on the products. There is a difference between traditional paid ads and products ads however, as traditional ads are triggered in search by keywords, while product ads are triggered by information that has been stored in the data feed!

Here is an example of a Google shopping page:

google shopping
Google shopping page: Consumers can go into the Google shopping tab and search for their desired products! The top brands and companies will be stored here as they have the most money to pay for this PPC style sales promotion system!


Google shopping is still in the process of being rolled out to Irish enterprises, yet it had been in use in other countries for months now! All previous Google product listing ads were moved across to Google shopping.Despite Google shopping not yet being fully in use for Ireland yet, there is nothing to stop you from setting up your e-commerce site through the UK market as Google shopping is in operation here! Once it is made available to Irish companies, it will be one of the top marketing tools to promote sales!

CEP compression socks – Do they live up to the hype?

When I first began running long distance at the age of sixteen, I bought a pair of running shoes, t-shirt and shorts before naively setting out on my way believing that was the only prerequisite for running outdoors. I found this to be more than enough to allow me to progress in long distance running on my way to gaining the confidence and fitness to enter events. However, when I arrived at my first race (a ten kilometer road race) I felt rather unequipped. Looking around at the other competitors I could see everything from running tights for the cold weather to advanced watches for tracking everything from pace per kilometer to stride length. Having a keen interest in sport science I later found myself purchasing many forms of equipment such as this, however I never felt it gave me an overwhelming advantage over my former “unprepared” self. The ability to advance an athletes performance through technology is indisputable. yet I feel many pieces of running equipment purely grant more confidence and interest without giving a huge boost to performance.

About the Product:

In my latest race (the rock and roll half marathon Dublin), I found I was constantly seeing advertisements for CEP compression socks. At the event expo I was given a complementary pair of the socks as part of my race pack!

The purpose of these socks is to improve arterial blood flow through the calves, allowing more oxygen to be utilized by the muscle when needed. The socks have been proven to increase oxygen rich blood flow by up to 40%. The socks also move moisture away from the skin and to the outside of the sock which can help to reduce the the body areas temperature. This can be seen as a benefit in damp weather. However when in a drier climate this may be more of a problem, the body releases sweat when it is over heating in an attempt to cool down the skin, if this sweat is being moved away by the sock, it may lead to overheating. The socks are promoted as reducing muscle strain which the compression could achieve, as well as reducing run time by 5%.

My Experience using CEP compression socks:

I have only used the socks a few times so far, the first time putting them on they are very tight however quite comfortable and easiest to put on starting from inside out! While wearing the socks, I have not experienced any noticeable difference in my run times. Having said that, I am someone who has suffered from shin splits in the past and while wearing these socks I am yet to have felt the sharp pain of shin splints!

I found the socks to be quite warm, they can get irritating near the end of a tough run, however they do seem to act well against common injuries for runners and this is why I see the socks as a good piece of equipment for training at times when you have recently felt such pains as shin splints, calf cramps or a recently pulled muscle. Other than to prevent the re occurrence of a recent injury pain or to keep warm and increase blood flow on a cold damp day however I do not see much of a reason to wear CEP compression socks out for every run. I did not wear the socks for my half marathon through Dublin city center as I did not feel that I needed them or that they would make any major difference for the day. I did bring them along though and put them on straight after the race for a recovery period, I found the socks to be outstanding for recirculating the blood through my legs post race and I believe they led me to a quicker recovery!!!

Although they carry quite a steep retail price at around 35-40 euro per pair, I would recommend the socks as a very good method of injury prevention and a clever method of recovery after a race. The concept behind these socks is impressive and although it is such a simple idea it is truly effective and well rated by all users! The socks seem to last well and are miles ahead of their competitors in terms of quality!

The rise of pinterest and the opportunities this can create

Social media has become one of the most diverse and powerful platforms available for marketing. Over the past decade, the rise of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have led to a great deal of benefits to the user. They provide fantastic entertainment on rainy days as well as opening up a new channel of communication between the user and the outside world. However social media does not just provide us with a great deal of enjoyment, they have also became integral to a successful marketing plan. The ability to be able to reach such a large and culturally diverse audience through social media sites, allows businesses the opportunity to pinpoint their target audience and achieve an effective marketing scheme for a lot less than could have been achieved through traditional methods. These social spheres (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) still continue to lead the way and are being utilized for marketing purposes by many small and large companies. However, I find that the emergence of alternative networks is far more interesting to research at this point in time and may be far more lucrative for companies who need to reach a different audience than the usual social networks giants.

Pinterest is one such media site, which is a lot different than your traditional social network, but still possesses all the features that any marketer dreams of. Every single visual image stored on Pinterest links to external content. Users can store and save their favourite ‘pins’ by topic or theme and will hence discover more similarly linked images.

I would also view Pinterest as the most brand-friendly social network. Whats more, users embrace images displayed by businesses on the site, as it feels less like an advertisement. The opportunities for E-Commerce on a platform such as Pinterest are huge. Now is the time to capitalize on the open marketing field provided by Pinterest! Soon paid advertising and sponsored posts will become common-place.

As of April 2014, Pinterest had acquired 70 million users and  seen these users upload in excess of 30 billion pins! This was an increase of over 50% from their figures six months previous. However, a word of warning, a study conducted by RJMetrics, found that 80 percent of its users were female and the most common categories were food and drink, DIY and crafts, and home decor. There is a lot of loyalty to Pinterest among its users as ‘pins’ per year are seen to increase by each year of membership.

Despite these figures, very few companies have utilized the potential for marketing that Pinterest offers. Etsy (e-commerce site specialising in homemade and vintage items) are one of the main players in terms of marketing, as they maintain the most repins by domain.

Although Pinterest have already begun offering out paid marketing, there is still great potential in the site of social media for companies to utilise Pinterest and gain profit! This case perfectly highlights how new and diverse forms of social media can be used by companies to gain a following and turn this following into profit over time. Finding new forms and utilizing them before the competition, can lead to successful digital marketing without large costs!Increasing brand awareness and driving sales are two major benefits which could easily arise through research in upcoming media sites instead of taking the big names as the best sources!